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16-How to make all fields read-only in a form in Odoo 13?

Sometimes in certain cases, we might need to make all fields of a model readonly in a particular state or a condition. This video discusses on how to do that without having to give conditions for each field in the model to be readonly. It's done bypassing "turn_view_readonly" through context. Watch the full video to learn more. Open ERP popularly known as Odoo, brings all the communication department under one roof. Odoo facilitates every business activities in more efficient and effective manner. But in order to implement an Odoo ERP to your business and enjoy its benefit, you need the help of a best Odoo Consultant, who can provide you the best Odoo implementation packages suiting your business needs. An Odoo consultant tailors the ERP implementation taking note of business success by streamlining every function. For Odoo Consultation Services: #odoofields #odoo13 #odootechnical For More Videos Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Visit our company website: Connect with us: Facebook: twitter: LinkedIn: Pinterest:

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