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13-Web Controller in Odoo | Odoo 14 webinar

The training will cover the different aspects of Odoo Web Controller and create a strong knowledge base for attendees. Controllers are used to configuring the front-end modules. These frontend modules come integrated with the backend modules. For example, if we need to bring the details of Products, Sale Orders, Events, etc. we can’t use the functionality of ‘Models’, so we need controller functions for this. By using controllers, we can easily define the link between any URL and the webpages. Main Contents of the webinar : 1. What is Controllers 2. Basic Controller Structure 3. Controller Parameters 4. Authentication types in controllers 5. Creating a controller and linking web pages 6. How can override an existing controller 7. Pagination in website 8. Search operation in website pages #odoo14 #odoo #odoo14features

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