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14-OWL Framework Webinar | How to Build an OWL Project | Odoo Web Library - Odoo 15 Technical Webinar

The key objective behind Odoo Technical Training is to literate the Odoo Developers, Partners, and other public on the OWL(Odoo Web Library) framework. The training envisions sharing how to Build an OWL Project. Course Content: 1) Introduction to OWL 1:07 2) Setting Up an OWL Project 8:47 3) What’s new in #Odoo15Js 4) OWL Components 13:35 a) Reactive System 14:34 b) Properties 25:08 c) Static Properties d) Methods 33:12 e) Lifecycle 37:19 f) Root Component g) Composition h) Form Input Bindings 45:20 i) References j) Dynamic sub components k) Functional Components l) SVG components 5) Reference 52:10 a) Animations b) Browser c) Component d) Content e) Concurrency Model f) Configuration g) Environment h) Event Bus i) Event Handling j) Error Handling k) Mounting a component l) Miscellaneous Components m)Observer n) Props o) Props Validation p) Utils 6) Context a) Rendering Components b) Semantics c) Asynchronous Rendering 7) Store 8) Qweb 1:20:35 a) QWeb Templating Language b) QWeb Engine 9) Tags 10) Slots 11) Event Handling a) Event Handling b) Business DOM Events c) Inline Event Handlers d) Modifiers 12) Hooks 1:31:22 a) OWL Hooks b) Making customized hooks 13) Creating an application using OWL #odoo #odoo15 #odoofunctional #odootutorials #owl #odoo15owl #cybrosys #cybrosystutorials #owltutotrials #odooowl

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