05-Odoo 14 Printed Reports PDF | Odoo 14 Development Tutorial

This video explains how we can create a printed PDF Report in Odoo 14. A report engine of Odoo is a combination of Qweb, bootstrap, Wkhtmltopdf. Odoo uses Qweb as a templating engine which is used for converting XML to HTML. Moreover, Qweb properties are set as XML attributes which start with ‘t-‘ (example: t-if for checking conditions in an XML file). Furthermore, we use Qweb for defining the report templates that are written in HTML format, the same as creating a web page. Wkhtmltopdf is used to render PDFs from the Qweb templates. Additionally, the templates are defined in HTML format as we discussed in the above section therefore, wkhtmltopdf will render the PDF report from the Qweb. How do Qweb Reports work in Odoo? The reports are working with Report Actions and Report Templates. Additionally, the report templates are used in report actions. Moreover, a report action is triggered while printing a report that you can either call this report action from the Print menu or from a python function. In addition, you can set up a custom page format as per the need in Odoo that will be specified in the report action. Report Actions (ir.actions.report) Odoo has several types of actions to perform different kinds of operations or processes such as the reports are generated when the report action is triggered. Furthermore, the report action will be recognized by model ‘ir.actions.report’ used in the record.

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