15-How to hide a new or existing field inside a One2Many fields in Odoo 13?

In this video, we will see how to hide a new or existing field inside One2many fields like sale order line with the help of an attribute called column_invisible. One2many field is a relational field, the value of such a field is the recordset of all the records in comodel_name such that the field inverse_name is equal to the current record. Parameters comodel_name (str) – name of the target model inverse_name (str) – name of the inverse Many2one field in comodel_name domain – an optional domain to set on candidate values on the client side (domain or string) context (dict) – an optional context to use on the client side when handling that field auto_join (bool) – whether JOINs are generated upon search through that field (default: False) limit (int) – optional limit to use upon read The attributes comodel_name and inverse_name are mandatory except in the case of related fields or field extensions. #odoofields #odoo13 #one2many For More Videos Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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