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27-Security in Odoo 15 - Record Rules in Odoo15 | Odoo 15 Development Tutorials

In business, there are different types of records. And it is essential to provide proper security for those records. #securityinodoo15 In Odoo, there are also some security rules. The rules define who can access the following objects. In record rules, we describe some conditions for certain operations. #odoo15developmentvideos #odoo15videos Video Contents ------------------------- 0:00 Introduction 0:36 Checking Record Rules of a Model 0:52 Checking the Example of Record Rule in Source Code 1:40 Providing a Model for the Record Rule 2:00 Specifying the Group 2:18 Permission 2:43 Adding Conditions 3:42 Error Fixing Connect With Us: ------------------------ ➡️Website: ➡️Email : ➡️Twitter: ➡️LinkedIn: ➡️Facebook: ➡️Instagram: ➡️Pinterest:

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