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21-How to Define a Calendar View in Odoo15 | Advanced Views in Odoo 15 | Calendar View in Odoo15

In this video, we are discussing how to define a calendar view in odoo15 and its use cases in odoo. #odoocalendarview No matter how big or small an industry is, it is always essential to organize meetings concerning the aspects of the company and its operations. #odoo15videos For both large and small-scale businesses, the Calendars play a sterling role in keeping its employees up to date with all the events and occasions happening in the organization. #odoo15developmentvideos In Odoo, we have different sets of views that help to specify how the data is depicted to the user. Moreover, among these, the Calendar view provides the users with a well-sorted timeline/schedule information of data in three different formats of the calendar as Day, Week, Months.

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