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24-How to Define a Gantt View in Odoo15 | Advanced Views | Odoo 15 Development Tutorials

In this video, we will discuss How to create a Gantt View in odoo 15 and its use cases in odoo development. #odoo15ganttview In the early scenario, the business sector faced many challenges with respect to its project management or task management. #odoo15developmentvideos The people involved in the task- like Project Managers, Team Leaders, Operation Managers, Scheduling Managers, Work Managers, or Marketing Managers used paper to plan their schedules with colored blocks, which was quite hectic in terms of viewing the project progression. #odoo15videos Later came the innovation of Magnetic blocks and the popular Gantt planning tool for automating and streamlining every stage of the project, offering great relief to the project associates. The Gantt View for project scheduling thus helped the Project Managers and other project associates to save their time in viewing the project progress, clubbing together the similar tasks, or automating the process like adding milestones or identifying the project’s critical path. The application helped in generating a shareable project plan for quick view and analysis.

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